Cabinet Hardware: An Inexpensive Makeover for Your Home

Many years ago homes would go decades with the same cabinetry and certainly the same cabinet hardware. My how times have changed.

Today, new kitchen cabinets, counters and even a whole new layout for the space can make an old home seem brand new, not only increasing its value (when home prices do rebound), but functionality.

Older kitchens certainly weren’t made for the way we cook today. There weren’t microwaves, convection ovens, coffee and espresso makers and toaster ovens like there are now to crowd once spacious counters. And cabinets are overflowing with foodstuffs, glassware and dishes.

It you’re remodeling your kitchen, cabinet hardware is an entirely different decision you’ll have to make. Most cabinets either come with very basic hardware or none at all, leaving you on your own to find cabinet hardware that matches your d├ęcor and your personal tastes and style.

Luckily, manufacturers have been more than happy to fill the void out there with an endless variety of cabinet hardware, from pulls and knobs to door catches, hinges and backplates. If you’re a cabinet hardware novice, here are some of the basics.

Knobs and pulls. These are the easiest pieces of hardware to identify, as they allow you to open your doors and drawers with ease. However, you still have to decide whether pulls, knobs or a mix of the two are best and then figure out the style, design and finish.

Hinges. Out of sight and usually out of mind, you may want to change these out if they have any visible parts to them, as they should match the other cabinet hardware you’ve selected. If you have invisible hinges, you may not need to worry about replacing them.

Backplates. Grimy hands can stain and mar the fronts of your expensive cabinets and drawers. Backplates go between the knob or pull and the wood facing, adding an additional layer of protection. If you use backplates you’ll need to factor in their thickness when deciding how long the screw needs to be for each knob or pull.

Drawer slides. These are the runners that allow your drawers to open easily. You probably don’t need to worry about replacing these until they wear out, unless you really want to have the perfect kitchen where all the cabinet hardware matches exactly.

As you start your search for cabinet hardware you’ll be overwhelmed by choice. There are literally thousands upon thousands of options, not only in a specific style or shape, but in finishes. You can choose to go with a standard design or even get custom ones. For example, you can accent a country kitchen with western themed pulls, knobs and backplates or add a nautical flair to the kitchen with cabinet hardware that looks like starfish, shells and sea life.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed, you may want to start online in your search. Many online retailers offer cabinet hardware that is not only very stylish, but won’t be found in your local home improvement store. That’s because these retailers don’t have to cater to a one-size-fits-most approach to retailing and choose a handful of designs that everyone may like, or at least be able to settle on. Online retailers can work with smaller manufacturers to secure harder to find designs that will really give your kitchen a unique look that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you are planning to change out your hardware, take the time to decide on designs that won’t look tired or boring after a couple years. One of the best ways to avoid making a purchasing mistake is to select your favorites, install them on your cabinets and live them with a while, deciding which ones are perfect for you. This will not only save you time and money, but a lot of regret.

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Refurbishing Furniture Look Through Cabinet Hardware Knobs

Cabinet hardware is intended to provide easy access to the cabinet. Having the right accessory will enable you to quickly open and close the door of the furniture whether it is situated in the kitchen, dining room or perhaps on the bedroom. Oftentimes, a cabinet is made of different components which include the knobs, pulls, hinges, and many others. The most important accessory in cabinetry would be the handles which come in a variety of finishes that could match virtually any types of furniture you may have. Among the widely used types will probably be the nickel cabinet hardware knobs.

There are various types of handles that you can find in the market nowadays which could suit your taste. In the event that you would like to bring in a touch of class into your cabinet, the glass kinds of knobs would be a perfect choice. On the other hand, the antique copper or brass and oil rubbed bronze accessories are suited for a classic theme. Whatever style you may have in mind, it is really possible to find one from the wide selections that can simply harmonize with your cabinet. But if you want to achieve a distinct look in your furniture, the handles made of nickel might be ideal options.

The nickel cabinet hardware knobs are seen to have lustrous sheen that can add rich, old-time flair to cabinets. This particular type of knob works with almost any cabinet finish and materials specially in cabinetry made out from maple wood. Once you install them, you are able to add in a sophisticated yet classic appeal into the furniture. Their durability look would often imply that you will no longer have to worry about replacing your cabinet hardware for a long time. In this way, you can lessen your expenses related to frequent changing of furniture handles. You will not only be able to give a bit more interest into the cabinet but to save money as well.

Finding the best weathered nickel cabinet hardware knobs is quite easy because of the wide options that you can choose from. You can search for these types over the internet where you can come across many retailers selling cabinet hardware. It will be possible to locate a variety of styles ranging from traditional and simple, elegant and ornate, to modern and unique. You can opt for the flat, round and compact designed cabinet knob if you prefer to achieve a simple look into your furniture. Aside from the circular style, some other shapes that you can decide on include the oval, square, elegantly carved, and many others.

Many people have opted to use the nickel cabinet hardware knobs simply because they require less maintenance. Most of hardware made of nickel are good at hiding scratches and fingerprints as compared to other finishes like the brass. It means that you will never have to clean them every now and then in order to keep their unique appearance. You can just make use of a commercial metal cleanser and then polish them with a clean cloth to preserve their shine. Through these knobs, you can revitalize your cabinet without the need to spend much money.

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Shopping Ideas and Tips For Cabinet Hardware Like Knobs, Pulls and Hinges

While planning to decor or refurbish your home you may dread the job of choosing the apposite cabinet. Confusion arises to most of the people who are involved in choosing the cabinet, since there is an availability of lot many options in cabinet hardware industry. Though, it emerges as a difficult task one can reach the best cabinet hardware product easily through internet. You are provided with number of options including colors, materials, and shapes. Even this can bring you confusion in selecting the cabinet hardware. You can fix upon the products that are old fashioned, traditional or modern that embellishes your home by comparing your product using online shopping facility.

There are plentiful cabinet hardware products available on online tracks. Knobs, Pulls and hinges are the most commonly purchased cabinet hardware over the internet. Building hardware industry is very large and introduced lot many contemporary designs of cabinet hardware that amplifies the look of your living rooms. Knobs and pulls is one of the cabinet hardware products, most probably used in kitchens. Although the product is small, they have a huge impact on your kitchen’s overall look. Hinges are the joints used for doors that hold two parts together so that one can swing relative to the other. Hinges are now developed with high decorative sense and it definitely adds beauty to your room. Here are some of the tips and shopping ideas to purchase good cabinet hardware.

You can use two side knobs to wide drawers. You can avoid mounting long knobs because it is very difficult for one to open the wide drawers if the knob is attached at center of it. Another guideline is to look for the center of the door, to attach the knob vertically for its easy move. Otherwise you can measure the drawer to 1/3 to select the best spot to fix up the knob.

Some types of cabinets include very extensive and deep drawers. If they are not of the type 5-piece panel system, then one can make use of the oversized knobs to move them easily. In larger drawers, small knobs may look lost so it is better to use an oversized knob that even brings splendor appearance.

Hinges are used for easy dangling of the doors. Dowels are the kind of fasteners that are inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces of the cabinet door and hold them together. This installs hinge to the cabinet door hastily. Screwing the hinges with door after adding the fastener will keep the hinge tight on to the door.

Many hinges are prearranged with its measurement to the door. They are just brought and fixed without taking any measurement with the door that suits its overlays. This helps you to choose the overlays that you are need of.

Some hinges are hidden and are referred to as “European” or “Euro” hinges. These hinges form a cabinet and sometimes there are frameless concealed hinges with its cabinet attached with a face frame. These are often referred to as face-frame concealed hinges.

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Country House Plans – An American Tradition

When someone imagines homes in the North American countryside, many house designs come to mind. It may be a farmhouse among vast, cultivated fields, a small cabin hugging the forest, a simple small-town cottage, or even a stunning mansion reminiscent of the American South. Each of these home styles promotes a relaxing, rural lifestyle that perhaps country home plans can best convey.

What characteristics give these home designs their charm? For many country house plans, large shaded front porches add a particularly rural ambiance. These porches often have enough room for gathering comfortably in the cool evening air with family or friends-a feature that is especially important in warm climates, or in homes without air conditioning. Country home porches often wrap around a portion of the house and sometimes even the entire house-a testament to their significance for the country lifestyle. Other common characteristics of country home plans include gabled roofs, dormer windows, and bold shutters. A gabled roof along with dormer windows looks pleasant and adds functional space to the attic, whether to be used for storage or extra sleeping quarters. Shutters, if functional, offer the house extra protection from the elements, and enhance their rural charm.

Clearly, the use of numerous architectural elements can combine to create a beautiful country home. For some, however, the charm of their country home will lie in its simplicity, and such features need not be extravagant. For example, a house built in the countryside may need only to serve as a getaway for weekend outings. Thus, a small, cabin-like structure of simple design can function well, and still provide the rustic charm of a country house. House plans such these are often designed to complement the beauty of their natural surroundings, and thus an understated house design can do very well.

Those who wish to build with country home plans will find they are not lacking options when it comes to size, layout and amenities. These designs range in size from simple starter homes to a sprawling luxury designs that are loaded with plenty of extras. Perhaps this diversity and their warm, inviting nature is what ranks country house plans consistently among North America’s most popular home styles.

Sarah DeLoud is a writer for the House Plan Shop and is dedicated to provide industry news and resources surrounding the research and purchasing of stock house plans. For additional information regarding country house plans please visit The House Plan Shop for information and their selection of house plans.

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Finding Great Country House Plans

If you are looking for some peace and quiet, why not get a country house? By getting a country house, you will be able to enjoy fresh, clean air, some peace and quiet, and other healthy benefits of country living.

When you look for a great country house plan, you need to make sure that you get one from a certified architect. This is because a lot of companies today tend to take advantage of naive persons and offer low-quality or even dangerous country house plans.

Why dangerous? Well, you have to know that there’s a lot more to designing a country house than making it pretty. A great country house plan should take into consideration the structural integrity of the building. This means that the plan should not produce something that would fall on the heads of people who will be living in it.

Finding a great country house plan also requires a person to be quite prudent in terms of expenses. You need to know what sort of expenses you will be facing and whether or not you have enough funding.

If you are unable to meet the need, a great country house plan should allow you to make certain changes in order to reduce expenses. In other words, the country house plan should be flexible. You need to be able to personalize the house and make it your own without damaging the artistry of the architect. This can be a very hard quality to achieve.

Another thing that you need to look for when choosing a great country house plan is compatibility with the surroundings. A country house plan needs to fit in with the surrounding countryside. This is because of the fact that, unlike city buildings, country houses tend to stand alone.

A great country house plan should take into account the various elements of the countryside. Whether you are planning to build the county house inside a farm, a ranch, a vineyard or any other type of surroundings, the right country house plan should be able to help you.

These are some of the most important factors that you should consider when selecting a country house plan. By following these steps you are sure to end up not only with a plan to build a country house, but with a plan to build your dreams and your future.

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Country House Plans For All Tastes And Budgets

There comes a time in many people’s lives in which for reasons of health, kids, or stress they realize it’s time to leave the city. Country house plans typically reflect antebellum Southern American architectural styles. The centerpiece of most country houses is the wide front porch covered by a flared roof, and also roof dormers to let light into living and dining areas. Our catalogue of designs includes every size and every style of country home, from bungalow house plans to French country house plans, with innovative and functional blueprints for every budget and taste. Besides complete house blueprints, House Plans and More offers you plans and ideas for hundreds of country building projects such as garage, shed, and outbuilding plans, as well as other projects. How can you tell if a house plan will be the right one for you? After all, this is a decision you will probably make but once in your life. In most cases, budget decides the limits on what you will be able to build. Building cost is a direct function of where in the U.S. or Canada you are building; and also varies with size in square feet. Additionally, it is more economical to build higher rather than wider, since this reduces the costs of foundations and roofing. Our cost estimation software, which is the most accurate in the industry, can help you calculate final building costs easily and quickly for any chosen design.

Having estimated about how much you can spend, search our database for country houses in your price range. You can now seriously consider what you want your house to look and feel like. You will not only live in this home, you may grow old there. It can’t be too outrageously different from neighboring house designs. Also, if you already own the site, you have to take the features of the land into account (slopes, existing rocks and trees, etc.). Design also has to imagine how you want the house to face, depending on the views available to different rooms, and sunrise / sunset positions. For example, the south-facing rooms should be the ones where the family spends most of its time in the winter. Your plans should take into consideration how big your family is now, and how much bigger (or smaller) it will become as new members are born into it; or move away. How many bathrooms, and how many closets will be needed and where should they be placed? How about office and workshop space? Kitchens should be located next to the garage, so that groceries can be unloaded in as few steps as possible. Kitchens should be located next to dining areas; and so on. Noisy rooms shouldn’t be located next to bedrooms. Big, noisy families require bigger group activity areas than retirees living alone. Specialized hobbies or interests require special areas devoted to them. Thus the house takes shape from the interrelation of its component parts.

When you are ready to see the country house plans of your dreams, we have the resources and free information you need to make the right decisions. Whether your taste runs to French country house plans or bungalow house plans, our expertise is at your service guiding you every step of the way.

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